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Teaching Tips and Tools:

3 Ways to Help a Failing Student Turn Their Grades Around

"No teacher wants to fail their students. Here are a few ways to motivate a student to try harder and not give up."

5 Ways to Grab and Hold the Attention of Young Students In Your Classroom

"Short ba ang attention span ng mga students mo? When you’re managing a class of young students, things can get sidetracked quickly. Learn how to avoid that from happening with these tips."

How to Create a Great Environment for Learning, No Matter the Size of the Class.

"Kagulo ang class? The bigger the class, the harder it can be to tend to each student’s needs. Don’t worry, it’s not impossible when you apply these techniques!"

How to Deal with Stress before it Turns into Burnout?

"Don’t let stress get in the way of your passion! Learn the difference between regular stress and burnout, and find out how to fight them."

How to Discuss Student’s Low Performance with Parents

"Hindi pa end of the world kung mababa ang grades niya! Poor grades often lead to complaints from parents. Learn how to handle irate parents when you follow these useful reminders."

Why are Some Teachers Better at Connecting with Students?

"Good communication is more than just what you say - it’s how you say it. Learn how to better connect with your students in this article"

5 Ways to Help Kids Recognize Bullying When They See It

"Ano nga ba ang bullying at paano ito maiiwasan? Like most problems, bullying is easier to prevent when kids are made aware of it. Here are a few ways to teach kids about it."

Are your Praises doing More Harm than Good?

"In certain scenarios, praise can do more harm than good. Learn when to give them and when not to."

How to Help Students Process and Reflect on What They’re Reading

"Help your students comprehend what they’re reading. Here are a few questions to help them reflect and understand."

How to Keep the Passion for Teaching Alive

"We hear you! Maraming challenges ang new teachers. Like every job teaching can make a young professional feel disillusioned. Here are some ways to keep your teaching passion burning."

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